Dumpster Rental in Lorton Virginia

Have you ever planned a renovation project, wanted to clean out your garage or dreamed of updating your yard, only to realize that you'll be left with truckloads of trash? Dealing with old drywall, unwanted furniture and dead trees can be costly, frustrating and time consuming for both professionals and homeowners in Lorton, VA!

Maybe you've already explored the usual trash-disposal options - packing all your garbage into your car, mini-van or truck and taking the load to the local transfer station or dump. While this can be an effective, cost-efficient plan for very small amounts of trash, for more than a few truckloads, a rental dumpster delivers the best bang for your waste-removal buck!

Save Time and Money With A Rental Dumpster

Rental dumpsters are the most economical way to deal with large quantities of trash in Lorton, VA. With a bin from Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters, you'll pay one low price that includes dumpster delivery and removal, along with any tipping fees for the waste disposal. Add to that the tremendous time-savings that having your own, personal rental dumpster offers compared to dealing with multiple trips to the dump, and choosing a rental dumpster simply makes sense!

Here at Galaxy Transfer Dumpsters in Lorton, VA, we make it easy for everyone to enjoy the ease of renting a dumpster. We offer four sizes of bins, starting with our popular 10-yard containers that are perfect for homeowners!

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