Commercial Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Summer is a time for building and renovating homes in Burke, Manassas and the surrounding areas. With the warm, clear weather, local crews can be seen all over the Northern Virginia area working on residential homes and yards. All this work generates construction waste, but not all of it is exactly the same. If you’re managing a work team that’s taking advantage of the season to pick up some residential work, or if you own a home and you’re upgrading the property this year, scheduling a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, can be your best option for clearing away the waste.

Roofing Waste

Roofing work can be hot and dirty, and it produces its share of waste. Common by-products of roof work include:

  • Tar paper
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Wood shakes
  • Broken or worn-out tile
  • Water-damaged plywood

Most of this can be tossed in a dumpster rental in Burke, VA. For anything chemically active or potentially hazardous, your best bet is to call before disposing of it so we can let you know whether it belongs in a dumpster.

Masonry and Brickwork

The stately red-brick home is a mainstay of Virginia architecture, but a lot of those handsome brick walls have gotten old and need to be patched. Old bricks are often dug out of walls, and dry, cracked mortar comes out in chunks before new cement can be applied. This tends to be very dense waste, which can easily put a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, over the weight limit. Avoid tossing this waste into the smaller 10-yard containers, and opt instead for the 20-yard or above dumpsters that can take the dead weight of old masonry.

Yard Waste

Yard work is also very common in Northern Virginia in the summer. Grass clippings, twigs, leaves, branches and the remains of sick and dead trees may not mulch very well in your backyard, leaving a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, as your best option for disposal. For this type of waste, try to cut the tree trunks into manageable sections, so as to leave a bit of room inside the dumpster. Be careful not to overfill the container but instead keep it all below the fill line that’s clearly marked on the inside of the dumpster. If necessary, hack a few branches off the tree sections to reduce the volume, and add the grass clippings last so they don’t fill up too much of the container before you’ve loaded up the bulky stuff.

Construction Waste in Your Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

No matter what kind of yard work or home improvement you have planned for your place, Galaxy Transfer is able to help you out with trash disposal. Call our local office for a free, no-obligation consultation over the phone about your plans, and we can help you decide what kind of dumpster rental in Burke, VA, best suits the project you have in mind. We can also give you a reliable quote over the phone and schedule drop off for the same or next day, depending on availability.