Order a Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA, for Farmers’ Market Season

The coming of spring means a lot in the suburbs of Fairfax County, and the opening of the May-through-October farmers’ market is one of the highlights of the season. If you’re taking part this year, or if your business is open to the public anywhere near the VRE parking garage where the event goes on every Saturday, it might be a good idea to invest in a dumpster rental for Burke, VA’s most popular spot for fresh produce.

Vendors and Suppliers

No matter how big or how small your planned market stall is, you need an efficient method for handling the inevitable piles of cast-off packaging and other waste that goes with selling fresh produce. This can be almost anything: Plastic sheeting, broken pallets and spoiled inventory all need to be taken care of before they become a nuisance to market organizers and other vendors. Renting a small 10-yard container for your stall, or going in together with a few others, can ease the burden on facility trash disposal and help keep your area cleaner-looking than most.

Nearby Businesses

If you run a business near the garage, the opening of the farmers’ market is probably a good time for your foot traffic. It can be a challenge to deal with the litter and assorted trash such a crowd generates, though. While your gas station, convenience store or restaurant could probably use the extra business, you might be in a spot where you need to keep your parking lot clean and free of wrappers and other bits of trash that seem to come with crowds.

You can fight this clutter by putting out a few collapsible event boxes from Galaxy Transfer, dropping a few 13-gallon yard bags inside and collecting the trash before you go home on Saturdays. These boxes are made from lightweight recycled materials and fold flat for easy transportation and storage while the market is closed. By putting out one box for landfill and another for recyclables, you can give passers-by a responsible alternative to either dropping waste on your property or walking around with a handful of garbage.

Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Whether you’re setting up a collection point for the pedestrians in front of your shop or you’re just trying to handle the waste stream your market stall generates, Galaxy Transfer is able to help you manage farmers’ market season with dumpster rentals in Burke, VA. When you call Galaxy Transfer for a free, no-obligation consultation, our friendly staff of customer service agents can chat with you about your needs and make recommendations for what kind of container you’re likely to need. We can schedule delivery of your dumpster and leave it for as long as you need it. Once it’s full, or when you need an empty second container to replace it, we can have a truck out to pick it up when it’s convenient for you. If you’re at, near or in the farmers’ market this year, call Galaxy Transfer before opening day to talk over your options.