Cinco de Mayo Calls for Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Northern Virginia is one of the most diverse parts of the country, and one of the benefits this brings is the celebration of lots of different holidays. It’s in that spirit that residents of the region are prepping for a safe and fun Cinco de Mayo this year, and part of those preparations is residential and commercial dumpster rental in Burke, VA.

Commercial Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Businesses in Burke can prepare for the holiday festivities by renting roll-on/roll-off dumpsters in various sizes to handle the extra flow of waste the uptick in sales generates. Retail shops can park a 10-yard rental dumpster in Burke, VA, behind or near their stores to contain their excess packaging from higher sales volumes. Restaurants and local cantinas can go bigger, with a 20- or even a 30-yard dumpster for the excess food packaging and miscellaneous trash flow from clearing tables and cleaning up inside after holiday hours. Outdoor venues might need the greatest capacity of all, with 40-yard containers strategically stationed here and there to absorb the flow of litter and other waste that unfortunately follows a holiday crowd.

Residential Dumpsters Also Help With the Holiday

Northern Virginia’s homeowners can also rent waste receptacles to handle the holiday surge in trash. Big meals and fireworks parties in the street can leave piles of trash lying around that go above and beyond your normal weekly stream of garbage. Guests are also a major source of extra trash, especially if they’re mingling on the yard far from the nearest convenient trash bin. You can still have the neighborhood barbecue at your place with collapsible litter boxes spotted around your property. These boxes are made from recycled material and have the space for around 13 gallons of visitors’ trash. They’re great for both recycling of cans and bottles and for landfill-bound waste such as shredded pinatas and candy wrappers.

Booking Your Dumpster for the Holiday

Whether you’re running a business in the Northern Virginia area or running a family home that’s looking forward to the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities, dumpster rental in Burke, VA, is an ideal solution for you. Galaxy Transfer has the waste containers you need in all sizes and configurations, from relatively small litter boxes to dumpsters big enough to have an attached trash compactor. When you call our local customer service specialists, you can get a free over-the-phone consultation about your needs and what sort of dumpster rental in Burke, VA, is best for you.

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, with more fun family holidays on the calendar shortly after that. Whatever the occasion, when your family or business is planning for a special event, you can give Galaxy Transfer a call in advance to ask about booking a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, or the surrounding areas to keep your place clean and safe for the holiday.