Tips for Litter Cleanup With a Dumpster Rental in Manassas, VA

Spring is in the air in Northern Virginia, and soon families will be outdoors enjoying the warming weather. That enjoyment is spoiled, however, by unsightly piles of litter left strewn over residential neighborhoods in Manassas. Each spring, locals come outside for barbecues and picnics, only to find a winters’ worth of trash and recyclables that needs cleaning up before the first flag football game. By scheduling a neighborhood cleanup, booking a dumpster rental in Manassas, VA, and tackling the mess as a community, you can have a clean neighborhood and fun in the sun as soon as the clouds clear out this spring. These four tips can help make your trash cleanup go smoothly, which should save you all both time and money.

Put Thought Into Your Schedule

Before you send out notices of the cleanup, give some thought to how you plan to schedule it. Choose a weekend that’s not so early you catch the last winter storm but not so late that you waste a week or two of sunshine because the lot next to your home hasn’t been cleaned up yet. As a rule, the first week of April is usually best, though of course you have leeway on either side, depending on how early or late spring comes this year.

Once you’ve settled on a day, try to time your cleanup for the mid-morning to mid-afternoon hours. Traffic in Manassas is relatively light during those hours, and there’s less risk from road traffic while you all work. Being able to step into the street without waiting for a red light also speeds things up a bit.

Bring Friends

Neighborhood cleanups are not a job for just one person. Even if there’s only enough trash to half-fill a 10-yard container, it can be scattered over a dozen acres, making it tough for a single person to cover all the ground needed in time for the dumpster pickup. Recruiting your neighbors to help with a community-oriented project like this also helps make and keep friendships with the other homeowners in your neighborhood.

Dress Appropriately

Leisurewear is great for the community barbecue you’re planning for after the cleanup, but it’s best to dress a little tougher for the job itself. Jeans are usually fine, as are any sturdy work boots. Long-sleeved tops are recommended, if only because you might be reaching down into tall grass just as the flea and tick season starts.

Share a Dumpster Rental in Manassas, VA

Finally, your work can go by a lot faster if you have a single central point where everybody can drop their rubbish. Renting a 10- or 20-yard dumpster for this is ideal, since both are probably big enough to handle the litter a residential neighborhood can store up over the winter. If you’re in any doubt about the size of container you might need, remember that you can always call Galaxy Transfer to ask about a dumpster rental in Manassas, VA, or to book a delivery whenever you’re ready. Things get busy during the spring cleaning season, so try to book as far ahead as you can.