5 Tips For Maximizing the Use of Your Winter Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Winter weather impacts our everyday lives in many ways — it affects how we drive, how we feel, and whether or not we’re going to be undertaking that big construction project. While most building projects cease operations during the winter season thanks to unrelenting snowstorms and frozen ground, there are still many uses for a dumpster during the winter season. Customers interested in a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, can take advantage of the many uses a dumpster has to offer during the winter months, and you should keep these five tips in mind while you have your dumpster rental.

Keep Your Work Area Plowed

Whether you’re clearing out a basement of your home or renovating your business location, it’s important to keep the area around your dumpster free of snow and ice. Keeping it plowed is important for safety reasons and to ensure workers or junk removal professionals have access to the dumpster to dispose of materials. It also creates a clear path to the dumpster for the trash truck, so that it can either empty the dumpster safely or transport it to a facility for waste removal before returning it.

De-Ice Pathways

By spreading salt, sand and other materials that help increase traction, you can prevent injuries to construction workers or family members. A non-slippery path leading to the dumpster is essential, especially when people are carrying heavy construction debris or bulky items.

Protect Your Hands with Gloves

Dumpsters are made of metal, and metal is an excellent conductor of heat. Dumpsters that have been out in the cold for a prolonged period of time are extremely cold to the touch, and an unprotected hand can acquire frostbite on contact as a result. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from a metal dumpster.

Keep Latches and Fasteners Covered

Many latches and fasteners on dumpsters can become frozen if moisture has worked its way into cracks and crevices, thus preventing workers from opening the latches or fasteners. Keeping these components covered can prevent them from getting stuck. If it’s not possible to cover them, pouring hot water over a frozen latch or fastener can help release it, as the hot water effectively melts any ice.

Shut the Lid — If Your Dumpster Rental in Burke VA Has One — Or Cover It

If your dumpster rental has a lid, it should be kept shut when not in use to keep out accumulating snowfall. If a lid isn’t available, or it doesn’t have one, purchase a durable tarp and use it to cover the top. This solution will also help keep out moisture and snow. Be sure to weigh the tarp down so the wind doesn’t blow it off.

When you remember these five tips for a winter dumpster rental in Burke, VA, you can make sure everyone is safe and that the dumpster continues to serve its primary purpose even as the snow piles up. Contact Galaxy Transfer with any questions or to set up a dumpster rental.