The Ins and Outs of Construction Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Spring is coming, and with the clear weather the construction season is bound to start up again. When it does, families all over the area will be renovating their homes, and plenty of sites will be going up or coming down. This all generates a lot of construction waste — waste that is best handled by a commercial dumpster rental in Burke, VA.

Renovation Season

Spring is a time for remodeling, and one of the first things to do in a renovation is tear out the old building material to make way for the new. Typical materials removed include:

  • Carpet
  • Drywall
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Linoleum
  • Treated wood used in framing

Very little of this stuff can just be tossed into the regular garbage can. Dumpster rental in Burke, Virginia, however, can plug the gap with a small-ish residential container. For single rooms, most of your trash can probably fit into a 10-yard dumpster, though these can’t accept concrete or cement for safety purposes. If you do have broken concrete to dispose of, or if you’re just taking on a bigger job, most homes can do with a 20-yard container.

Demolition of Existing Structures

Demolition of an existing structure is a bigger job, at least as far as waste disposal is concerned. In addition to the types of construction waste mentioned above, whole-house teardowns usually produce:

  • Concrete chunks
  • Roofing material of wood, tile or tar
  • Metal sheeting
  • Foam and/or fiberglass insulation
  • Glass from broken windows

A lot of this stuff is either bulky or heavy, and a 20- or 30-yard dumpster is probably your best option to handle it. Fortunately, these sturdy containers can take most of the material generated during a whole-house demolition, and if the first container fills up before the trash is all gone, it’s easy to schedule a second dumpster rental in Burke, VA, which can be delivered as the first one is getting picked up.

New Construction

New construction sites can, paradoxically, generate even more waste than a demolition. The reason for this is mainly the labor that goes into building a house up from a vacant lot. Unlike the other two construction projects, building something new typically generates lots of waste material that can’t or won’t go into the building. Examples include:

  • Packaging material
  • Scrap wood
  • Empty (and dry) cans of paint/stain/sealer
  • Some yard waste, if land has to be prepped for building or cleared for landscaping

The extra waste a new building site generates is usually best handled by a 40-yard container, as this gives the most flexibility and is the least likely to need replacing before the job is done. It is also to be preferred if you have a large crew on the site that can generate a surprising amount of used food wrappers and other personal waste in a day.

Whatever size dumpster you need, Galaxy Transfer has it and can deliver to just about anywhere in the local area. If you’re planning a renovation, demolition or new construction in the Northern Virginia area, call as early as you can to book a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, so you’re ready for the spring building season.