Not All Waste Is Equal, Do You Know Where To Take These Special Cases?

Waste is well, waste. And while it might be convenient to just take it all to your dumpster in Tyson’s Corner or Annandale, there are some waste products that just don’t belong in your dumpster.

Its important that you and those working in your business know what to toss and where.


While it might be tempting to place entire glass jars, plastic water bottles and newspapers in your dumpsters, it’s so much better for the environment, and consumers’ wallets.

You can make recycling a priority at your business by placing bins for glass, plastic, and paper in a convenient location. Doing this will eliminate wasting items that can be reused, which is better for the environment.

Automotive Parts

It might be tempting to take old car batteries and oil filters to your dumpster, but battery acid and oil can be toxic and your dumpster or others who use it.

The best option for disposing of this type of waste is to take it to your local landfill. They have the capability to deal with this type if waste.

Medical and Chemical Waste

These types of waste can be particularly hazardous if not disposed of correctly. Sharps, containers of chemicals, and biomedical waste should always be placed in the appropriate containers and disposed of separately from your other wastes.

This helps keep you and those in your business safe and also prevents toxic compounds from forming. It’s always best to check OSHA guidelines when disposing of chemical and medical wastes.

Dumpsters are for waste, but not all types of waste can go your dumpster. Come up with a plan for sorting and disposing the different types of waste mentioned above, so you and your employees can stay safe and do what’s best for the environment.