Keep the Lock on Your Dumpster from Freezing

How the Lock Ensures Safe and Secure Storage

The lock is one of the most important parts of your dumpster because it makes it possible to secure your dumpster’s contents once it has been loaded. This is particularly important in winter when loading said contents can become dangerous because of wintertime conditions. Unfortunately, this is also particularly problematic in winter because of the same.

How to Keep the Lock From Freezing

In short, the metal in movable parts can freeze, which can create a whole host of difficulties if you were counting on them. For example, if the lock on your dumpster freezes, you will have a hard time securing your dumpster’s contents without a lot of time and effort to get the lock moving again. To prevent this, you need to make sure that the lock is covered with something watertight so that moisture cannot get into its mechanisms before freezing once the temperature falls. Likewise, a lubricant such as lock oil can also help by providing a protective barrier against excessive moisture.

How to Defrost the Lock

Of course, even the best precaution can fail us, meaning that you should have some way of defrosting the lock on your dumpster as well. The simplest and most straightforward method is the application of heat, whether that means a lighter or even a kettle filled with hot water. However, you can also use a de-icer, though you need to be careful because too much de-icer is bad for the paintwork.

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