Order a Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA, for Farmers’ Market Season

The coming of spring means a lot in the suburbs of Fairfax County, and the opening of the May-through-October farmers’ market is one of the highlights of the season. If you’re taking part this year, or if your business is open to the public anywhere near the VRE parking garage where the event goes on every Saturday, it might be a good idea to invest in a dumpster rental for Burke, VA’s most popular spot for fresh produce.

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Tips for Litter Cleanup With a Dumpster Rental in Manassas, VA

Spring is in the air in Northern Virginia, and soon families will be outdoors enjoying the warming weather. That enjoyment is spoiled, however, by unsightly piles of litter left strewn over residential neighborhoods in Manassas. Each spring, locals come outside for barbecues and picnics, only to find a winters’ worth of trash and recyclables that needs cleaning up before the first flag football game. By scheduling a neighborhood cleanup, booking a dumpster rental in Manassas, VA, and tackling the mess as a community, you can have a clean neighborhood and fun in the sun as soon as the clouds clear out this spring. These four tips can help make your trash cleanup go smoothly, which should save you all both time and money.

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Gauging the Demands of Your Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Spring is almost here, and with it comes the annual cleanup season. Home and business owners from around the area spend the early part of this season digging through repair sites, renovations and new construction. Others are getting a head start on clearing out some of the waste in their backyards or planning fun outdoor events for the neighborhood. Whatever you have planned for this spring, Galaxy Transfer can be a part of it by providing just the right-size dumpster rental in Burke, VA, and across the Northern Virginia area.

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5 Tips For Maximizing the Use of Your Winter Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Winter weather impacts our everyday lives in many ways — it affects how we drive, how we feel, and whether or not we’re going to be undertaking that big construction project. While most building projects cease operations during the winter season thanks to unrelenting snowstorms and frozen ground, there are still many uses for a dumpster during the winter season. Customers interested in a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, can take advantage of the many uses a dumpster has to offer during the winter months, and you should keep these five tips in mind while you have your dumpster rental.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

There’s a lot to do when you’ve booked a dumpster rental in Burke, VA. There’s also a lot to not do.

Booking a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, isn’t hard. When you call or click through to one of Galaxy Transfer’s experienced agents, we can walk you through the process and get you set up, no problem. There are a few details you have to look after for yourself, however, since everybody’s situation is different, and only you know what you can and can’t do in your own neighborhood. There are also some general guidelines to keep in mind throughout the process, which can help you get the most out of your dumpster rental in Burke, Virginia:

Do: Call early. There’s no downside to booking in advance and quite a lot to commend the practice. By calling a month ahead of your event, cleanup, construction job or move-out date, you can ensure a dumpster of the right size is available on your target date. You can also give yourself a little wiggle room in case your schedule changes early on.

Don’t: Book the wrong size. Residential dumpsters come in four sizes, the smallest being about right for cleaning out a teenager’s bedroom, the biggest able to hold a houseful of old junk or many piles of yard waste. Renting a dumpster that’s too big is a waste of money, while renting one that’s too small is an even bigger waste, as you may have to rent a second one.

Do: Get your junk ready to go. Insofar as it’s possible, try to have your yard waste, construction detritus or garage clutter piled up and ready to be quickly loaded. Not only is this just a good habit to be in, it may shave a day or so off of your rental time and save you fees.

Don’t: Surprise the neighborhood. Many neighborhoods have limited space, or an overly involved HOA, and the sudden appearance of a dumpster in front of your house could create issues. A large dumpster at the edge of your property might block parking for your neighbors, while even a smaller container might earn you an eyesore violation and a fine. If it’s at all possible, coordinate with your neighbors and block leader to pick a good date for them and to keep them in the loop about how long the dumpster will be there.

Do: Stay in touch. When you book a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, Galaxy Transfer is happy to help. To get the most out of your rental, it helps to call to let us know if there’s any change in plans as early as you can. If you need the dumpster for an extra day, or if the cleanup went faster than expected and it’ll be ready for pickup a day early, or if you just need advice about what can and cannot be thrown away in one of our dumpsters, letting us know can save you time and money on the rental. We’re also happy to hear from you, so call today and get a free, no-obligation consultation about your upcoming dumpster rental in Burke, Virginia.

Rome’s Christmas Tree Predicament and Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

The city of Rome has gotten its Christmas tree, and it’s a complete wreck. City officials have examined the tree and declared it beyond saving, leading to calls to cut the thing up and cart it away from the plaza in front of the City Hall building, where it sits shedding needles and branches well before Christmas.

The tree stands an impressive 70 feet tall and towers over the public area in front of the City Hall building. This is where native Romans and tourists alike gather to take pictures and tour the Classical architecture of Italy’s ancient capital. In years past, the trees mounted here have been a fitting tribute to the Eternal City, but this year’s specimen was a major disappointment. Cut from the virgin forests of the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy, this tree was supposed to last until at least the New Year, when it would be taken down like all of its predecessors. Almost immediately after its December 8 arrival, however, spectators started to notice that the green needles were turning brown and dropping off, and that the branches themselves were drying out and falling under the weight of the ornaments hung on them.

On examination, city authorities discovered that the tree was “completely unrooted,” and that there was no hope for its recovery. They are carefully avoiding laying blame, but experts consulted on the matter suggested that the tree might not have been properly wrapped during the drive down the mountain and into Rome. The city administration, which is currently run by an anti-establishment party frequently criticized for incompetence, is now deciding whether to leave the tree (which has its own Twitter account, naturally) until Christmas, get a replacement with days left to go or just haul it off and do without this year. Meanwhile, Romans have taken to calling the tree, which cost $57,000 to install, “spelacchio,” meaning “baldy.” Fortunately, a much healthier 69-foot tree is currently on display in Vatican City, thus saving Christmas for the city.

Rome’s dilemma is extreme, but it’s the kind of thing families all over the Capital Corridor will be facing on a smaller scale come January. Every year, as the needles gradually fall in people’s living rooms all over Northern Virginia, thoughts inevitably turn to cleanly and economically disposing of them.

That’s where a dumpster rental in Burke, VA comes in. By coordinating with neighbors to rent a 10- or 20-yard dumpster and have it delivered before the New Year’s holiday weekend, local families can have their 6-, 8-, and 10-foot trees hauled away for a manageable price and with as little fuss as possible.

Galaxy Transfer is a leading provider of roll-on/roll-off dumpster rentals in Burke, VA, and the surrounding areas. We have experience handling green waste, as well as used packing paper and old fruitcakes, and our friendly (merry?) customer service reps are standing by to consult with you over what size dumpster you need, when is a good time to deliver it, and how long you need it for.

Disposing of Construction Waste in Your Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA

Construction Contractors Often Schedule a Dumpster Rental in Burke, VA, to Contain Site Waste. This Works Best for Certain Kinds of Trash.

Northern Virginia has a thriving construction industry, and a multitude of small contractors keep busy building up, tearing down and renovating both residential and commercial properties. All this construction work produces a hefty stream of waste, and a dumpster rental in Burke, VA, is one of the best ways to handle it all. Some of the more common types of waste — likely though they are to wind up in a waste container — have special characteristics you should know about before disposing of them in a rented dumpster.

Wood: Wood is the most common framing material in residential construction. Almost any construction job produces some wood scraps, and it’s not all waste. Untreated lumber scraps make fine kindling, if you think to bring it home with you, though chemically treated wood should probably not be burned in your home. Tossing wood scraps into your dumpster rental in Burke, Virginia, doesn’t present a serious problem, since it mostly degrades in a landfill.

Drywall: One of the first steps in many renovation or demolition jobs is to smash the drywall and peel it away from the wall you’re knocking down. Drywall has a lot of gypsum in it, which is relatively easy to extract and reuse, but it’s often more economical to simply throw it out and replace it with fresh panels.

Concrete: Concrete is made from cement and gravel, mixed with water and poured while it’s still loose. Because of this, concrete sets as a very dense material and very quickly pushes your dumpster beyond its safe weight. If you expect to have concrete waste to get rid of, no matter how little of it there is, skip the smaller 10-yard dumpster rental in Burke, VA, and invest in a larger 20- to 40-yard unit. These are angled at the bottom, creating a small volume you can fill with concrete. Dump that in first, and stop when you get to the angle line. Go any deeper and you risk having an overweight dumpster that can’t be safely hauled.

Asphalt: Asphalt is highly recyclable material. There’s no harm in dumping it, though you should observe the same safety rules for it as you do with concrete, but you can also have it melted down and repoured to pave a driveway or parking lot.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is part of a family of materials that can potentially create a hazard if improperly disposed of. When it’s torn, small fragments of glass can go airborne, where they irritate the skin and cause problems if inhaled. For this and any other hazardous waste, it’s best to check with your customer service rep for safety standards at the time you book your dumpster rental in Burke, Virginia.

Construction produces a lot of waste, and not all of it is suitable for regular disposal. You can help keep your job site safe by calling Galaxy Transfer for a free, no-obligation consultation when you book your dumpster rental in Burke, VA, to always be sure you’re dumping material your container was designed to handle.